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Recently, Etsuko bought in a department store Hankyu two pairs of half-woolen socks. One dark blue, and the other - brown. Unpretentious, monochrome socks. For their sake, she had to pass through almost all of Osaka and get off at the last station Hankyu. Pay for purchases, she immediately went back to take the train and go home. She was not up to a movie, or even up to a cup of tea, not to mention a light breakfast. More than anything, Etsuko not bear the street hustle.

If she decided to go somewhere, then it would be enough to go down the stairs to the Umeda station and the subway station to get to Shinsaibashi or Dotonbori. However, it is necessary to get out of the store and cross the intersection as soon find yourself at the line of the surf, tide clocks in attacking the outskirts of the metropolis under the deafening cries of adolescents, is located on the side of the road and excitedly beckoning passers-by to clean the shoes. Etsuko was born and raised in Tokyo, Osaka was so alien to her. Some irrational fear covering her in the city, populated disparate lyudom: respectable businessmen, lumpen, factory owners, stockbrokers, street prostitutes, drug traffickers, officials, crooks, bankers, local officials, city council members, singers, storytellers "guide" [ 1], concubines, fisted wives, journalists, wandering actors, waitresses, shoe shiner - not for them, not the city gave rise to a sense of fear in Etsuko, and perhaps life itself - the boundless, overflowing with debris of different destinies, spontaneous and rough life with the property, like the sea, suddenly enlightens, acquiring a blue-green shade of Prussian blue. Etsuko opened satin shopping bag and stashed at the bottom of the socks. Lightning flashed through the open window. Following the lightning thundered majestically thunder. The store glass windows shook. Wind swooped down and knocked over all the fluff bulletin board on which was fastened with a piece of characters: "Discounted items." Saleswoman rushed to close the window. The room was drowned in the darkness, why it seemed that the spiral bulbs, which burned even in the daytime, tense even brighter. Rain, however, was in no hurry.

At Etsuko broke cheeks. They began to glow suddenly, for no apparent reason, as if inside her blazed fire. However, this was not something painful. Etsuko touched flushed cheeks, feeling the roughness of the hands, the nature of the tender, but now calloused and rough in appearance. Her cheeks were burning stronger. At this point, she wanted to do something unusual. For example, to jump into the intersection and bravely plunge into the maze of city streets. It was filled with foreboding of happiness.

What gives it that determination? Thunder? Or bought socks? People stopped to huddle between floors. Etsuko rushed down the stairs. She ran to the second floor, from the second to the first, where the ticket office. She only glanced at what is happening outside. Heavy rain flooded the wall. Treading a continuous stream, the rain poured elastic pavement, breaking up the pavement. Etsuko was heading for the exit, and with each step it is regained her composure. She felt tired and dizzy. Etsuko has been without an umbrella, so to go out did not dare. No, not so. Just took a sense of delight. Staying at the entrance, she watched suddenly raced through the torrents of rain the city tram, which for a moment overshadowed signs and shops across the street. Rain intensified, lurched to her feet, spattering her dress. Etsuko seemed that people huddle on purpose to it. Of all of the crowds, she was the only one who has not got wet. She was surrounded by men and women - apparently office staff. All of them are soaked to the skin. Some grumbled, others joked, trying to maintain dignity, despite the pathetic. Everyone raised his head, looked at the sky in the pouring rain. Etsuko too. Her dry face lost among other people wet. It seemed that the tracer jet fell on their faces under someone's exact eye. Away Sound of Thunder. This noise laid the ears and heart froze. From time to time car horns blared. Station loudspeaker choking scraps of phrases, belching hellish screams instead of human speech - of all this cacophony could easily go crazy. Etsuko came out of the crowd that waited obediently when the rain stopped, and joined the long silent line for tickets. Игры на ПК без порно и секс рекламы, Отсутствует эротика и ххх проститутки.

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